The current Dutch drug policy has failed. It costs a lot of money, yet drugs are cheaper and more easily accessible than ever. Meanwhile, policy concerns are being ignored and symbolic politics are holding back real solutions. Stop this drug paranoia. Start a better drug policy.


addressed to the House of Representatives


Residents of the Netherlands who want a dialogue on drugs and drug use based on the facts.


  • That the current Dutch drug policy has failed. Every year we spend 4.5 billion euros on ineffective drug enforcement, yet drugs are cheaper and more easily accessible than ever.
  • That 1.5 million Dutch people use drugs without control of the production, origin, composition or quality of drugs.
  • That the voices of a large group of users, who consciously choose recreational drugs, are not taken seriously.
  • That the current government is pushing for a total ban on drugs, despite strong criticism.
  • That moral judgments about drugs are currently holding back a realistic, open dialogue about better drug policy.

And request

The House of Representatives to consider, without prejudices, based on scientific research and in consultation with relevant organizations, experts and drug users themselves, a new drug policy that results in the lowest dangers to public health, curbs the costs of drug enforcement and does justice to people’s freedom of choice.

Start a better drug policy

Start Beter Drugsbeleid

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